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This month we have expert advice from Simon Whaley on how to get six articles from just one idea and Ten Top Tips will help you find the ideas used for the six articles. There are loads of Student Successes to give you an incentive to keep trying and Useful Websites is all about citizen journalism.

Hello Lovely Readers,

March is here and spring will soon be following – I hope. Although, the last few weeks of weather have been crazy. On one day we had bright sunshine until about 10am, then the sky went dark and a blizzard arrived with snow driving horizontally past the window. Ten minutes later and the sun came out again. It went on like that all day – mad!

Anyway, make a note of April 23rd 2013, in your diary – it’s World Book Night. This is a mass celebration of books and reading, which aims to encourage people who don’t normally read to pick up a book and have a go. It’s run by volunteers, so you can get involved if you like, and distributes books to people less likely to have regular access, such as those in prisons, care homes, hospitals and sheltered housing. How great is that!

Now, on to business. This month we have expert advice from Simon Whaley on how to get the most from your research. He’ll show you how to get six (yes, six!) different article ideas from one set of research – brilliant! Ten Top Tips is all about idea generation. We get lots of emails telling us this is one of the main problems students have when attempting assignment two, so help is at hand.

Student Successes are great, as usual. Have a read though them and, if you want more, pop over to the success forum – there’s are always new stories for you to devour. Useful Websites is all about helping you make your name as a citizen journalist and Inspiration is, I hope, at least a little bit interesting.

The Arvon Foundation offer some great residential courses. This one, Starting to Write, is coming up in April and looks like a great course, with novelist Alan Bissett, biographer Roger Glass and guest speaker Alasdair Gray. The course spans five days, from 8-13th April, and costs £680 for a single room. I know that might seem a bit pricey, but think of it as an investment.

Don’t forget to enter our monthly competitions – you can win courses! This month you can win an Effective Time Management course in exchange for your tips on how to find time for writing.

And finally, keep your eyes open for the Course of the Week (COTW) on Twitter and Facebook for a £25 reduction on selected course fees.

Enjoy and, until next month, keep writing!


P.S. The annual Short Story Competition is now accepting entries – you could win £500!