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This month we have advice from a new expert, Margaret Adams, on Google Author Rankings, Ten Top Tips is about protecting yourself online, Useful Websites covers, freelancing, story writing and the dreaded grammar and Inspiration is as inspiring as I can make it!

END NOTE and a Little Inspiration!

December is, of course, the month of Christmas festivities, but that’ll be done to death by other writers. So, why not do something different? See if there’s an idea below that takes your fancy.

December 2nd 1409

The University of Leipzig opens.

December 17th 1989

The Simpsons makes its debut and becomes one of the USAs longest running sitcoms.

December 22nd 1943

Beatrix Potter – who really needs no introduction – dies of complications related to pneumonia and heart disease. (See below for a lovely story from Beatrix Potter.)


Seeing as Beatrix Potters’ books are so charming, I thought I’d link to one of those instead of a poem this month, and take you all back to your childhood. So here you go, enjoy The Tale of Mrs Tiggy Winkle!

And to finish, here’s a great little game, Plunger, to pass a few hours, sorry, I mean minutes!

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