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This month we have advice from a new expert, Margaret Adams, on Google Author Rankings, Ten Top Tips is about protecting yourself online, Useful Websites covers, freelancing, story writing and the dreaded grammar and Inspiration is as inspiring as I can make it!

Student Successes

Anna M writes:

Published in travel magazine

‘I was really happy to get an email from the editor of ‘ITALIA!’ magazine that she had chosen my email about a trip to Assisi letter of the month. When I first saw it in print, with one of my photos attached, on the third page of the magazine, I couldn't have been more pleased and it was the first time I truly felt that it was worth the effort.’

James W tells us:

Number 93 on Amazon

‘Over at Amazon Kindle, I've just sneaked into the top 100 books (No 93) in 'British Detectives': Never thought I'd see my name above Agatha Christie's. If anyone here has downloaded the book – many thanks! It won't last, but fun while it does.’

Lucas Sipho S says:

Two letters published

‘I have had two letters published in two separate magazines and I was also paid for both letters. Thank you to everyone.’

Fiona G writes:

I won star letter in ‘The Lady

‘Hi, first time I've posted to this forum – bit shy! My tutor told me the first letter I wrote was too long, too this, too that. I edited it and sent it on the off chance it might make it into ‘The Lady' magazine and they said they'd print it within an hour of emailing them. I bought the magazine on 3rd May and had won the Star Letter! My prize was some soap. I’m really pleased, as it has given me the boost my ego needed to plod on. Wow I’m published, feels weird and knowing I am immortalised in ‘The Lady’ magazine archives is sort of funny.’

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