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This month learn how to write the perfect pitch with Simon Whaley, improve your characters with our Ten Top Tips, get motivated by the successes of other students and find something useful in Useful Websites.

This site has a wonderfully detailed character profile sheet you could adapt and use to help you create and develop your own characters.  
I love this site – it’s a digital self-publishing platform for people who want to publish multiple format e-books and, believe it or not, it’s free. It’s also a book store with loads of books already available to buy. You can sell your work on the site and allow potential buyers to view a sample of your work before they buy. You will receive 85% of your sales revenue, free viral marketing advice and complete control over the publishing, price and sale of your work – you can even have the customer set the price they would wish to pay for the book – just fabulous!  
Summer is a time of sun. And sun means it’s actually nice to go to festivals, fetes and shows. So, get your camera, notebook and pencil, or Dictaphone if you’re a techie, and head off to partake and then review them for your local newspapers. If you’re not familiar with your local newspapers have a look to see what’s available on this site. It contains links to the papers’ own websites as well as detailed readership information, publication details and generally useful market research information to get you started.
And if you want somewhere to start looking up festivals you could do no better than this website. It contains hundreds of festivals from all over the world and has a searchable database. It also has links to official festival websites, articles, photos and even video so you can check it out before you go. You could even submit your work to them for publication on the site – just make sure that your article differs from the one you send to the local paper!