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“What does writing mean to me? Writing is my world, my lifeline, my saving grace. I scribble away my thoughts, often on a daily basis, and these ideas and observations sometimes transform themselves into a poem or a story or a short piece of prose. This diversity and passion for writing led me to the Writers Bureau.

“One of the earlier Writers Bureau assignments was to collect articles, cuttings and listen to conversations in cafes. I now have four large hard back books filled with pictures, photos, snippets of conversations, cuttings and my own creative writing.

“Write about what you know’ is sound advice and I was especially keen to apply the course teachings to my knowledge in the field of complementary therapy. It was easy to find publications who wanted my articles, not so easy to earn payment from them. This was all good experience as I was to find out when offered the position of Editor for a reflexology membership organisation. This allowed me free rein to write and edit articles and therefore hone my skills and develop an analytical eye when presenting the written word to others. I wrote my own website for my reflexology business and included some published articles that people can download.

“One of the positives of the Writers Bureau course was to give me the confidence to join other writers. I am now part of an eclectic group of writers of varying ages, backgrounds and motivations. We meet regularly to share a written piece on a pre-decided topic and I find this very inspiring.

“Although I find my muse flows more freely from the pen I decided to set up a blog where I include some of my creative writing for others to read. I have also set up a blog for Somerset Writers which can be accessed from the Somerset Writers website.

My next project is to complete the novel I have started, publish the book I have written on ‘Foot Reading’ and create an e-book on reflexology for people to download for free.”


Somerset Creative Writing Group Website  

Somerset Creative Writing Group blog  

Polly Hall website  

Polly Hall, UK


“Since I joined The Writers Bureau, a magic chain of successful events has unfolded in front of my eyes, and I just couldn’t believe that it’s all happening to me. My tutor advised me that one of the articles I had produced was suitable for publication. Of course I took immediate advantage of it and sent it in to the magazine. The following week I went into WH Smiths and bought a copy of the magazine – to my delight my article appeared. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s me, and I’m from Poland, English is my second language! It made me very happy indeed.

“A friend also gave me a copy of ‘Voice’ magazine, which I liked and decided I would like to write for. I sent two articles to them and, to my disbelief, they emailed me back and said yes. Since then I have had two articles published each month – can you imagine what it meant to me?

“In the meantime I was getting more and more involved with ‘The Polish Daily’. I had been sending in reports on various local and international events and at Christmas time I covered a Polish Christmas event where I live which was also published.

“Did I earn some money? Of course I did. The ‘Voice’ magazine paid me monthly, and I donated ‘The Polish Daily’ earnings to the foundation that supports the publication of the paper.

“Thank you Writers Bureau, I was dreaming about it and the dream came true.”

Barbara Weinmann, UK

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