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This month we have expert advice from Lorraine Mace on how to pitch the perfect non-fiction proposal, Ten Top Tips looks at some of the more common English errors, Successes will leave you feeling ready to tackle anything and Useful Websites has an extra treat.

END NOTE and a little inspiration!

For Christians December is a very important month as it contains one of the biggest celebrations of the year – Christmas! However, December is also a month of celebration for Muslims – Ashura, Jews – Hannukkah, Pagans – Yule and Buddhists – Bodhi Day.


6th December 1959

The current president and CEO of the hugely popular Nintendo games company, Satoru Iwata, is born in Sapporo, Japan.

10th December

The Nobel Prizes are awarded.

20th December 1997

English poet Denise Levertov dies in Seattle. (A suitably themed poem for summer month and seaside excursions is below.)






The Sharks’ is a poem you should avoid if you are just about to jet off to warmer, sunny beaches – enjoy!

I like games that tax my mind a little – helps to take it off other things for a while. So, here’s one that did the job more than adequately Addictive Balance.

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