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This month we have expert advice from Lorraine Mace on how to pitch the perfect non-fiction proposal, Ten Top Tips looks at some of the more common English errors, Successes will leave you feeling ready to tackle anything and Useful Websites has an extra treat.

Hello Dear Readers,

BellePhew! We are baking here – for a change. Although it’s not all good, if we don’t have more rain, we’ll be facing a drought situation pretty soon! I think my poor furry cat, Belle, is a little fed up of it too. I thought you might like to see this photo of her trying to keep cool.

Hopefully, the heavy rain and thunderstorms the brainy people in the Met office have forecast will help ease the situation.

So, on to this month’s business. Our Short Story competition has now closed and our Poetry competition has opened. You can find details of how to enter here.

This month Lorraine Mace gives us the lowdown on preparing the perfect non-fiction proposal – it’s invaluable advice and well worth reading.

Ten Top Tips covers those pesky English errors that crop up time and again and Useful Websites, once again, does justice to its name with one for research, one for creative outlet, one to help you organise, plus an extra one that I could not keep to myself.

If you fancy a weekend away you could visit the Farncombe Estate and attend Sue Johnson’s Novel Shortcuts – How to Complete What you Started. During the weekend Sue hopes to ‘give students further ideas on developing characters, settings and dialogue so that they come alive on the page. She’ll also ‘give hints and tips that speed up the writing process.’ And feels that ‘this course would also help writers who have begun a novel but have lost confidence in their work and stopped writing.’ Prices start from £163 and it’s taking place over the weekend of 12-14th August.

One of our tutors – Sue Wilkes – has just had another book published – ‘The Children History Forgot’ – read all about it here. It should be released by the end of August.

Lastly, Aesthetica Magazine is running a great competition. They say ‘The Aesthetica Creative Works Competition is internationally recognised for identifying new artists and writers and bringing them to international attention.’ You can win £500 plus other prizes provided by the competition partners and publication in the Aesthetica Creative Works Annual. Good Luck!

Happy writing!


P.S Don’t forget our Poetry Writing Competition is now accepting entries!