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This month find out how to impress competition judges straight from the horse’s mouth and learn to make your writing environment as productive as possible in Ten Top Tips, plus writing events you can attend and useful websites to help you on your way in competitions.


As well as our competitions, there are thousands of others out there – a quick search with Goolge can confirm this. So, where do you go to find the good ones and how do you spot the bad ones, hopefully these sites can provide a good starting point.  
This site, by a Writers’ Forum columnist and regular Amazon Shorts contributor, is one of the most comprehensive lists of current competitions I've found and is regularly updated.  
This site has a searchable database that allows you to input variables such as fee, prize amount and country. A good one for those who don't want to spend hours trawling through hundreds of results pages.  
And if you want to spot the bad ones here's a useful little article about how to do just that plus some links to other sites detailing well known scams.
I also found this site which is a must for the mobile phone enthusiasts out there. You send in your micro story in full words, no txt abb., in one text message on the monthly theme. The fee is £1 for the chance to win £50.00.

Remember, if you run a website that you think may be of use to our readers, let me know. If I like it, I’ll publish a link to it giving you a free plug. What could be better than that?