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Writing for Children Course Expert Opinions


“Writing for children requires the same basic skills, techniques and originality as writing for adults. If it’s important to you that you get published, it is vital to understand the current needs and trends of the marketplace so you know what publishers are looking for.

"This Writing for Children course will teach you all you need to know and help you achieve your goal.

“With a logical, progressive and very user-friendly approach, the novice writer is guided through the various techniques essential to the craft of writing for children. Each stage of the course is well illustrated with examples and exercises to reinforce the points learned, and there is no-nonsense advice about how to create and present your work to make it acceptable to a potential publisher.

“At all times the tone is professional, and the advice sensible, practical and comprehensive, taking into account the demands of a specialist market and the requirements of such a specific audience.

“Inspired by the success of J K Rowling or Philip Pullman, it’s easy for all of us to harbour secret dreams of instant success. But the truth is that it can only be achieved with committed application and practice under expert guidance – which this course provides in abundance.”

Jackie Andrews

Now a freelance children’s writer and editor, Jackie Andrews worked first as a librarian, then as a teacher of English, Art and Drama before spending five years with Kestrel Books as an editorial assistant/PA. She then became Editor in Chief for Scholastic’s children’s book club. She writes regular reports on submissions to The Writer’s Advice Centre for Children’s Books and provides editorial support and approvals for the publishing of Ragdoll’s licensed characters. Jackie is currently working on her own novel for teenagers.


“I wish there’d been a course like this at the beginning of my long journey – when I first set out to try and fulfil my dream of becoming a published children’s writer.

“New writers often find it hard to work out how and where to start. Sometimes, they might not be sure which age group they want to write for – or what genre to write. This course will help you decide and, what’s more, help you tremendously when you’ve made your decision. The well-structured course modules show you everything you need to know in an exciting and sparkling way.

“You’re not only told how to get to know your reader, you’re shown how to try and see the world through a child’s eyes. You’ll see how to write responsibly, how to reflect modern society – and what to avoid.

“The sections on Deciding What To Write and Writing for Different Age Groups are extremely helpful for the new writer. The breakdown of what to include in a story is particularly informative; it will serve as a useful checklist when you’ve written your first draft.

“In this course, you’ll find the answers to the most difficult questions and answers to questions you hadn’t even thought of asking! It’s instructive, constructive and so much fun. I can assure you that you’ll have several ‘light-bulb’ moments whilst working through the course.”

Pat Posner

Pat Posner has been writing books, magazine stories and annuals for more years than she cares to remember. She has adapted traditional fairytales and classics, written activity books and novelty books. Her single title books include: Guinea Pig’s Adventure, No Waifs or Strays and Animal Stories That Really Happened. She has written two picture books and four books in the Pebbledown Bay Series. Under the name Lucy Daniels she has written eight Animal Ark and Animal Ark Pet books.


Lou Carter"After completing the course I began writing as much as I could and in 2014 I was finally signed by my agent and within two months I had a contract with Bloomsbury.

To date I have nine picture book contracts all at various stages of publication. There Is No Dragon In This Story (Bloomsbury) and Pirate Stew (Orchard) both published last summer and Oscar The Hungry Unicorn (Orchard) is due to be released on Sept 20th 2018. "

Lou Carter


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