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Proofreading and Copy Editing

Earn an extra income or have a new career with Proofreading and Copy Editing skills! 

Proofreading CourseNow, more than ever, a huge number of publishers, private companies, including PR and advertising agencies, law firms, colleges and universities rely on the services of proofreaders and copy editors to ensure that their written material is professionally presented and error free.

As a part-time proofreader and copy editor you can earn a nice addition to your salary. Alternatively you could set yourself up as a full-time freelancer, choosing when, where and who you work for.

Anyone with a good eye for detail and the ability to concentrate can learn how to proofread or copy edit. So, if you think this kind of work is for you we can certainly help you gain the skills you need in as little as two to three months.

Your Course

To help you master the techniques of proofreading and copy editing we have assembled a comprehensive, professionally written course covering all the essentials. In your course you’ll learn:

  • The skills and abilities required by a professional proofreader/copy editor
  • Ways to improve your spelling
  • Consistent punctuation
  • Proofreading on paper
  • Grammar know-how
  • The copy editor’s roles and responsibilities
  • Working electronically
  • Setting up in business
  • Useful resources and organisations
  • Practical insider tips that can help you stand out from the crowd.

Your course contains eight fact-packed modules and four assignments – marked by your personal tutor.

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Your studies are very flexible. You can study wherever you are – in the UK or abroad. You can adapt your study to suit your timetable. You can work when it suits you and you can start as soon as you are ready as there is no fixed enrolment date.

Your course materials are sent to you as soon as you enrol and are available immediately in the student community area when you enrol online.

You send and receive your assignments by post or by email – the choice is yours.

And, to make your course really effective, you also receive personal guidance and advice from your tutor – an experienced proofreader and copy editor.

Your Personal Tuition

Under the guidance of an expert tutor you will develop an understanding of proofreading and copy editing techniques. The assignments are designed to give you plenty of ‘real-life’ practice so that you get a feel for the standard of work you will be expected to produce once you start accepting freelance work.

You’ll also receive advice on presentation, typography, setting and style. You will be told how to improve your work – if it’s necessary – and how to avoid the common errors and mistakes that many beginners make.

Your tutor will encourage you, be objective, be realistic but most of all give you constructive comment. Through this firm but gentle approach many students come to know their tutor as a trusted friend.

All our tutors are experienced proofreaders and copy editors. Each one has been specifically trained by us to help you overcome the difficulties, and the pitfalls, that all new proofreaders and copy editors face. From their own experiences they can help you to start proofreading and copy editing to a professional standard.

Finding Work

One of the most worrying aspects of moving into a new career area is finding work, whether that’s as a freelancer or being employed by a publishing house. You need not worry about this as we’ve included a comprehensive list of useful resources and organisations to get you started as well as all the practical advice you’ll need.

We show you:

  • How to find markets for your services
  • How to present your work
  • How to promote yourself
  • What to charge
  • How to ensure payment – invoicing and reminders
  • How to set up your business

Plus, much more to get your proofreading and copy editing business off the ground.

Your Guarantees

We are so confident in our course and tuition service that we offer you a unique Double Guarantee.

This states quite clearly:

1. You have the course on 15 day (in your possession) inspection.

2. We will give you a $15.00 refund for any assignment which is not corrected properly by your tutor.


Your Contribution

We can do a lot to help you, but we can’t do it all for you. In fact, the major contribution must come from you.

In addition to a love of the English language you should also enjoy reading, have an eye for detail, good powers of concentration and enough free time to be able to study the course thoroughly. You do not need to be especially gifted at writing or be an expert in the English Language. All you need is the ability to follow your tutor’s advice and have enthusiasm, perseverance and determination to do well. If you think this sounds like you, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a complete career change or the extra income generated from part-time freelance proofreading and copy editing.

So if you really want a career as a proofreader or copy editor and you are prepared to put in the time and effort required, then together we can help make your goal a reality.

Your CPD Certificate

Certificate of CompletionA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certificate is awarded on successful completion of your course. It is given to students who have completed all four assignments to the required standard.

Half an hour each day is all you need!

All too often people let their ideas and dreams go to waste. Usually it’s because they don’t know where to start, claim they haven’t the time or simply never get round to it. Don’t let this happen to you. With our help you will learn where to begin and how to plan your time. All you have to do is create a small space in your life for your studies. Even with only half an hour a day you’ll be surprised how quickly your skills develop.



How To Enrol

If you want to be a proofreader and copy editor then there is no time like the present to start. It would be a shame to do nothing and then look back in a few years' time and say, ‘If only...' On the other hand, you could take action right now by enrolling today.

And remember, anybody can enrol on this course. You do not need any special qualifications or background and you can start whenever it suits you.

So, click the enrol button below, Fax 00 44 161 236 9440 or complete the enrolment form and let’s start working together to help you become a proofreader and copy editor!

If you don’t have a credit card click here to find out how to send your fees to England.

Course Fees:

Full fees: $486 – free postage and packing when you pay your fees in full.

Easy Payment Plan: $54 deposit plus $23 postage and packing = $77 payable now and $72 a month for the following 6 months making $509 in all.

How To Enrol If You Don't Have A Credit Card


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Enrol with your credit card through our secure server and as soon as your payment is accepted you can view your course in the student community area. It's the quickest way to see for yourself how we can help you become a proofreader and copy editor.

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Everything You Need For Success

  • A specialist course on proofreading and copy editing.
  • Written by professionals.
  • Personal advice from expert tutors.
  • Four tutor-marked assignments.
  • Support from Student Advisors.
  • Flexible study programme to suit YOU.
  • Advice on how to sell your services.
  • Instant access to course material when you enrol online.
  • Two years to complete your studies.
  • 15 day trial.
  • Continuing Professional Development Certificate on successful completion.
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