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Art of Writing Poetry Course Student Comments

Here are some comments from our students who have taken the Art of Writing Poetry course. Their views say more about the course and tuition service than we ever could.

Caroline Gill - Poet"I would like to thank you so much for your careful and constructive critiques over these twelve submissions. I feel I have learned such a lot, and this learning has opened up new vistas and possibilities within the ever-changing and often surprisingly fast-paced world of poetry.
"I have been thrilled to see a good number of acceptances and to have the opportunity of taking part in readings.
"I represented my local Poetry Cafe at the Third Festival of Suffolk Poetry. I was asked to write a Sonnet about our parish church and, on the strength of it, was invited to give a talk on Poetry to a Mothers' Union meeting. Another poem has appeared in The Migrant Waders, a glossy (and beautifully illustrated) book on wading birds, published by Dunlin Press. A number of my poems have been published in Reach Poetry, and since my last submission, I have had three poems published in Orizont Literar Contemporan - an international literary journal from Bucharest. One poem has appeared in an online anthology from Italy and two poems have appeared in Metverse Muse from India.
"My first chapbook, The Holy Place, co-authored with John Dotson, was commissioned and published during my time on the course by Peter Thabit Jones, the editor of The Seventh Quarry poetry magazine. He has just invited me to be the 'Poet in Profile' for his next issue."

Caroline Gill


Sarah Leavesly"Since starting The Art of Writing Poetry course, I have been published many times under my pen name Sarah James, won competitions and made money. (So much so, that not having finished all my assignments, I've already won back the course fees in cash, vouchers and subscription prizes!) But as important as this financial gain and external recognition is the huge boost the course has given to my confidence as a poet."

Sarah Leavesley – runner up in The Writers Bureau Writer of the Year 2009 Award


Joyce Reed

”Every section of the course was so practical and had such a common sense approach. Encourage by Alison’s comments, I was soon submitting the coursework exercises to competitions, and was delighted to be told that a sestina I’d written was to be read at a festival.

“More competition entries were commended and short listed, which boosted my confidence. Then I began to win small sums of money. Now I am feeling more secure with the work I am producing and I even conduct poetry workshops for local writing groups. I am immeasurably grateful to The Writers College for starting me on the road.”
Joyce Reed


"Helpful beyond measure and inspiring. I really enjoyed it."
John Tatum

"Very enjoyable! I have had another nine poems accepted for publication. A total of 25."
S. Maycock

"I have had two poems accepted for Pen Magazine and have also been invited to share a workshop at a later date."
F. Davies

"It has been a useful course, the exercises being particularly stimulating. The comments on the assignments have also been very helpful. Envoi has accepted 'Prayers at Wick Rissington' to go with 'Fast Bowler'; Iota have published 'Motorway Villanelle'; Poetry Nottingham 'Painting on the Stairs' and Weyfarers have published 'Venice is Rocking'."
G. Turner

"The course is very good because it is comprehensive and flexible. I have had one poem accepted by Poetry Now magazine for a book of verse."
M. Wilkes

"I recommend the course to other poets. Since enrolling I've been accepted by 'Iota' and 'First Time'."
J. Ezekiel

"I would like to express my appreciation to you for your help in guiding me in the right direction. The course has provided me with much relaxation during the winter months."
R. Vere

"I have just completed the poetry course which I hugely enjoyed. I owe Alison Chisholm an immense debt; she has been enormously helpful, stimulating and encouraging."
M. Russell

"Two poems accepted by Poetry Monthly, one published by Writers Viewpoint and 2nd prize in Salopian Society's members' competition. The objective views of my tutor have inspired me to carry on."
C. Campbell

"I've had one poem published and one accepted for Quantum Leap magazine, one poem published by Carers magazine and won joint first prize with 'Christmas Haiku' in a competition. I'm very pleased I started the course. It has enlarged my reading of modern poetry and has encouraged me to try different styles. Many thanks to my tutor."
J. Warren

"I feel the course has taught me a lot and has given me the confidence to attempt to get my work published. The exercises have been very useful and I am very much enjoying the course. I have had 19 poems accepted since joining The Writers College."
C. Mansfield


Sarah Leavesly"Since starting The Art of Writing Poetry course, I have been published many times under my pen name Sarah James, won competitions and made money."

Sarah Leavesley



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