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Copywriting Student Success Stories

Mike-Robinson100.jpg“I have been paid over £4000, have £1000 in unpaid invoices and have been commissioned for a further £3000.”

Mike was a confident writer even before he enrolled on our Complete Copywriting course. However, what he really needed from the course was a framework for learning how to write copy that could earn him money, such as sales letters, press-releases and website content. And, more importantly, Mike needed information on how to set up a freelance business and make a living from copywriting. Luckily, his course provided all these things and more.

Now Mike has his own copywriting business – – and finds himself in demand by the likes of MSN for live cricket blog posts and articles, earning him thousands of pounds. And he’s been booked for a further 22 days’ work in the coming year. He also writes on a regular basis for three other companies and, if he needs to, tops up his earnings with individual sales letters, website content or brochures.

In the first six months of his business Mike has earned over £4000, with a further £1000 of invoices yet to be paid and another £3000 of work already commissioned.

Mike tells us he’s also close to sealing a further deal that’ll see him regularly earning a total of £1615 per month. Now, not only can Mike live comfortably, he’s also able to put some money away for a rainy day too.

Deciding on his future goals is easy for Mike – he simply wants to continue running his freelance copywriting business as a full-time career, something he tells us he enjoys very much.

Mike Robinson


Lorita Clarke-Scott“Last year I didn’t have the vaguest idea what a copywriter did. However, the course has exposed me to the world of skilful writing.

“Currently I offer my copywriting services exclusively on a freelance platform. In four months, I have earned £2,100 and counting.”

Lorita Clarke-Scott


Lisa Harrison

"I’d just like to say thanks. If it wasn't for your lovely tutor giving me some really positive feedback, I wouldn't have dared to try and become freelance copywriter and leave a full-time job. Since I've started out on my own, my quality of life has improved dramatically. I'm happier, my little boy is happier and I'm excited to grow my business over the next year. I've earned £1940 in just under six months working on a part-time basis. '’I've got three regular clients. I'll always be grateful to them for taking me on despite being new to this profession."

Lisa Harrison

Institute of Training and Occupational Learning

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