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Copy Writing Course Expert Opinions

From an Author and MD of Passionate Media

This is an excellent course. I had no idea what to expect and was very pleasantly surprised. Nick Daws really knows his stuff.

The information included in the course is comprehensive, flawlessly researched and presented – ideal for a new freelance writer considering launching themselves into the competitive field of commercial copywriting.

I particularly also liked the tone and style of the modules – which are encouraging for writers while remaining realistic.

Throughout the course, Nick stresses the importance of being businesslike and knowing your audience – two key elements needed in any fledgling writing career, especially in these difficult times.

With that in mind, I was impressed with the ‘Setting Yourself Up In Business’ module, which starts with the basics of Tax, VAT and National Insurance, but also clearly spells out the advantages and disadvantages of different types of company or self employment structure.

Writing for online markets is another superbly crafted module, which takes the student on a journey from why writers are needed for this potentially problematic market to giving them a head start by discussing the rudiments of HTML.

Nick’s explanations of different types of markets – including public relations, sales and advertising, are brilliant – demystifying these buzzwords and helping the aspiring writer understand that there is potential to market their services within these specialist spheres.

Module 8 – Marketing Your Copywriting Services also offers a brilliant slice of reality and I was encouraged to read advice noting ‘peaks and troughs’ in the works cycle. Nick’s expertise is borne out of a flourishing writing career – and it shows.

This upbeat, positive course expertly tackles and explains some thorny issues arising from the nitty gritty of making money from copywriting. I have no doubt that its students will find it invaluable.

Linda Jones is Managing Director of Midlands Editorial Agency, ‘Passionate Media’, a media trainer and the author of The Greatest Freelance Writing Tips in the World.




When it comes to copywriting, I fall into the ‘been-there-done-that’ lot. And when it comes to copywriting courses, I’ve seen them all.

But, when I got down to reading the opening sentence of The Complete Copywriter Course, it got my full attention; paragraph two got me interested; paragraphs three and four fuelled an urgent desire to learn more and the last paragraph on the page made me take action – I turned the page to continue reading!

Page one of the course is a wonderful example of what copywriting can do, and the ten modules that follow equip you with all the skills necessary to become a pro-active copywriter, set yourself up in business and market your services.

This course isn’t a ‘book’ covering all aspects of copywriting – it has just the right mix of ‘telling’ and ‘showing’, not to mention the numerous tasks, exercises and assignments which together give the feel of ‘on-spec’ writing, ensuring you’re ‘market-ready’ the day you graduate.

And the icing on the cake is the one-on-one copy critiquing and tutoring you get.

The Complete Copywriting Course goes beyond being ‘complete’ – it’s the ultimate copywriting course for beginners and crossover writers from other genres.

Noel Gama directs HR and MarCom in a leading steel pipe-manufacturing company which has facilities in India, Dubai and the US. He has honed his persuasive writing skills to achieve the desired response for his most challenging customers – his employees – and applied these to his external customers as the company’s star copywriter. He specializes in B2B and SEO copywriting.




As any professional copywriter will tell you, it isn’t the cleverness of our words that count. It is the cleverness of our arguments.

Copywriting is all about persuasion. A good copywriter can go a long way towards convincing you to switch from one brand of toothpaste to another, shop in a different supermarket, sell your house – the list could go on forever. Now you can learn how to access this little-known, but lucrative, opportunity for writers with The Complete Copywriter Course from The Writers Bureau.

When I started out, nobody knew exactly what a copywriter ‘did’. Many were convinced that it had something to do with copyright – sometimes resulting in some very odd conversations and (on one occasion) a bizarre brief from a violinist.

One of the many great features of The Complete Copywriter Course is that it not only sets the record straight about what copywriters ‘do’ – but also tells you, as a writer, how you can capitalise on the opportunities and build a lucrative and fascinating business as a result.

This is a terrific (and valuable) course. I wish it had been around when I started out. Who knows, I might have avoided placing the advertisement that led to the bizarre brief from the violinist...

Diana Wimbs has worked both as an in-house agency copywriter and a freelance for over 30 years, writing for clients including British Airways, American Express, BUPA, British Gas and a variety of other household names. She is the author of Freelance Copywriting (A&C Black) and is also a former Writing Magazine columnist on the subject. Diana is also a regular tutor on the writing conference circuit. She lives in East Sussex and is currently working on her first novel (hopefully following in the illustrious footsteps of other former copywriters such as Fay Weldon and James Herbert).