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Creative Writing Student Success Stories & Comments

Hannah McKinnon

“My first novel, Time After Time, of which you saw a few chapters and the outline, was published digitally by HarperCollins UK's brand Maze last June. This week, my agent secured a traditional two-book deal with US publisher MIRA. My second novel, The Secrets That Made Us (working title), is slated for release in summer 2018. The third hopefully a year later.”

Hannah McKinnon

Time After Time




“I can't thank you and the team at The Writers Bureau enough for the truly inspirational and hugely practical writing course which has taken much of the mystery out of writing and getting published, and given me the know-how and confidence to write my novel. I was particularly encouraged to have published four articles in magazines during the non-fiction section of the course.”

Mirriam Toosey.

Miriam Toosey


Lisa Lysen

“I'd like to say I'm very, very happy I took the leap and decided to try this course. Your advice has made such a huge difference to my writing and I'm just enjoying the whole experience so much!

“I especially love that it's okay to submit assignments as time permits because when I committed to taking this on I had no idea how very hectic my life was about to suddenly become. Being able to work at my own pace makes it possible for me to really get the most out of assignments, working on them when I'm feeling good about writing instead of getting all stressed about having one more thing I don't have time to do and just giving up.”

Lisa Lysen


"The Writers Bureau course delivers a wide array of advice and tips that help a writer develop their style and see their work in print. I found the feedback from the tutors invaluable – their critiques were insightful, positive and encouraging. You can study at your own pace, meaning I was able to complete the course comfortably while working fulltime.

"While studying the course, I wrote a number of non-fiction articles for assignments which were published in local newspapers and magazines. The money I received from this writing more than paid for the course. Since then, I have gone on to earn a lot more from writing short stories and having them published by a variety of competition anthologies, magazines and websites.

"If you want to explore writing and learn how to succeed, the Writers Bureau is a great place to start"

Christopher Fielden, Avon.

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Christopher Fielden


Jacqueline Jeynes

"The Writers Bureau course has done everything I hoped it would and more. There is a clear progression through chapters so that your writing skills and confidence grow steadily with feedback from the tutor. The market research activities were invaluable for opening up potential new avenues for publication.”

Jacqueline Jaynes, Wales.

Jacqueline is our Writer of the Year 2015 - Read her full story here.


“I've also released five comic books, which I've had great success with at conventions and events and in retail stores. And I've recently been approached by a TV production company, who've shown interest in turning one of my comic books into a film!

"My total earnings so far are £2500 and I now need to concentrate on building online sales. All my work has been self-published, through my own publishing company ‘Geeky Publishing' and, at this stage of my career, it's not about money - it's about establishing myself as a writer."

Victor Wright, West Midlands.

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Victor Wright

Louise Kennedy

“The Writers Bureau has given me the confidence to follow my dreams. I started a daily blog to chronicle our adventures living aboard a boat from a fresh and creative viewpoint... our cat's! Things really took off with the blog and I was offered a book deal with Bloomsbury. My tutor was lovely, encouraging and offered me great constructive criticism. Now that the book has been published and most of the initial promotion has calmed down I'm looking forward to getting stuck back into the course and completing the rest of the assignments.”

Louise Kennedy, Cornwall.

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“As a result of my cricket articles, I have been elected into The Cricket Writers Club – an organisation that counts experienced journalists among its members. One of the perks of this membership is a press card that gives me entry into all of England's cricket stadium press boxes.”

Martin Read, West Sussex.

Martin is our Writer of the Year 2014 - Read his full story here.

Martin Read

Susie Kearley

“I’ve been published in dozens of magazines and newspapers covering a wide variety of topics, including 'My Weekly', 'Country Walking', 'Writers' Forum', ‘Small Furry Pets', ‘Popular Fish Keeping', ‘Natural Health Magazine', 'Amateur Gardening', 'Paranormal Magazine', ‘Caged and Aviary Birds' and many more. Consequently, my earnings during 2013 are most satisfactory. This year will be even better, with my newest book - 'Freelance Writing on Health, Food and Gardens' - due out!”

Susie Kearley, Buckinghamshire.

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“When I first saw my words in print it was life changing. Someone else had read my work, believed in it, paid for it, and put it out there for others to see. As more articles made it to press, my confidence grew and I found I wanted to inject some of myself into my writing. At the time of writing this I have received £1,197 for my work.”

Kris Roberts, Somerset.

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Kris Roberts

Hazel McHaffie

“As well as the delight of publishing my fiction I've had some fantastic associated experiences: speaking at the Brighton Book Festival, going into schools to talk about my writing, giving talks at conferences as an author, having tea in the House of Lords. I have folders on my desk for ideas to last as many years as I have the strength to hammer on my keyboard."

Hazel McHaffie, Scotland

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“Besides seeing my first book in print, I've appeared in The Times and The Independent, and updated yet more guidebooks for Fodor's, Thomas Cook, and the AA. And I still work with my earliest clients, who have stuck with me throughout and to whom I owe my living. But above all, I am writing flat–out, and getting paid what I can now describe with pride as a decent salary.”

Tim Skelton, Netherlands

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Tim Skelton


This is just a small sample of our student stories. As you can see, writing is a career or hobby you can start at anytime in life. Plus, our students have had success in a wide range of genres. Visit the student forum to see more student successes.

If you've been inspired by these testimonials enrol today and this time next year you could be seeing your story on this page!


Vicki Harwood Writers Bureau's Student of the Year 2018

“My tutor and The Writers Bureau changed my life. It’s easy to say that but the proof is in the number of books I’ve published through my own company. Thanks to the course I have full control of my work and can write confidently in a multitude of different fields. It certainly opened my eyes to the industry and equipped me with the confidence and skills to have a go at anything.”

Vicki Harwood - Writers Bureau Writer of the Year 2018

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