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Writing By The Rules

March 7th, 2016

five sensesIt’s the first Monday in the month again (doesn’t it seem to come round fast)?  And because we’ve just launched our Flash Fiction Competition I thought I’d find an interesting clip on the subject for you. In it, Katey Schultz outlines her rules for writing good short fiction, and this involves the Five S’s.

Setting – Where is the action taking place?

Situation – What happens to your main character to initiate the action or plot?

Sensory Detail – Use all five senses so that the reader can really experience what is going on in your story.

Simile – Use similes (and metaphors) to bring your writing to life.

Shift – Your character has to ‘shift’ or change. They have to resolve something in the plot or their life; they should have learned something or grown stronger during the course of the story.

So when you’ve finished your story, check that you’ve got all these elements – it’s all part of that vital revision process. And it always helps if you read some good examples.  So have a look at the following sites:






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