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My Writing Road

February 1st, 2019

Some years back, I completely ignored several promotional messages from the Writers Bureau.  However, from the time I enrolled with them, I can confidently state that I am now on the road to success in writing.

Like many unfortunate individuals in African countries, I had a difficult childhood that made me leave school before attaining tertiary education. Nevertheless, I always had latent interest in writing and sought to share acquired knowledge in different aspects of life. I had always longed to start writing but lacked confidence due to my humble education and a demanding day job.

When I look back at my amateurish attempt at my self-published book in one local language, written before I enrolled with WB, I can’t help but laugh at glaring errors!

My Writers Bureau tutors’ commitment to making sure I get the best from the course, their professional guidance in all aspects of comprehensive writing and their individual-based step by step coaching, has enabled me get many articles published in the Times of Zambia, The Independent Observer-Zambia and my very first fiction short story in Nthanda Review.

I am on the verge of signing a contract with a local publishing company for a book about my tribe (The Unga of Bangweulu Swamps – More than Just Fishermen). My articles about local tourist attractions, tradition and culture have provided a basis for the local website to be launched soon plus recognition from local and traditional leaders.

My writing career’s future is undoubtedly looking brighter!

The only regret I have is having kept postponing enrollment with the Writers Bureau. By now, at 52, I could have accomplished more in writing. With the kind of simplified modules and coaching methods, I am not surprised that so many have recorded success stories in writing careers which started from here.


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