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Win a Fiction Writing Course

February 10th, 2012

First, thanks to Bev for her suggestions on keeping Writer’s Block at bay. She’s absolutely right – you shouldn’t look on it as a curse, but rather as an invitation for some fresh inspiration to come knocking.

Writing Romance

So first this week, I’ll try to inspire you with our monthly competition. We’re giving you the chance to win a Fiction Writing Course if you can pen a love story in only 50 words. We felt it was appropriate considering it’s Valentine’s Day next week and this year is a leap year. It won’t be easy to get all that passion and intrigue into 50 words – but I’m sure some of you will have a good try! And while you’re reading the rules, have a look at last month’s ‘First Line’ winning entry from Adrian John. The competition was fierce, but it was definitely worthy of the prize.

A Taxing Time for Writers

I’ve just been reading something that surprised me. I always thought that winnings from writing competitions were free of tax – but apparently not. If you are earning enough to pay tax and call yourself a ‘writer’ then you should declare what you win to H M Revenue and Customs. But the good news is, when you fill in your tax return you can claim competition entry fees as a legitimate expense to offset against your tax.

Writing Readers’ Letters

You may be a bit sniffy about writing Readers’ Letters, but they can earn you a useful, small income to go alongside your other writing. So if you want some tips on the subject, then check out my guest blog post on the Frugal Family website.

Free and Easy

Our associate college Business Training offers a variety of courses, mainly to overseas students and my colleague, Shelley, provides their weekly blog. This week’s post, although aimed primarily at students who are learning English, has some great sites for anyone who wants to legally download free books or listen to free audio books. If you’ve not already tried any of them, now might be the time to do so.

So, we reach the end of another week with snow-induced mayhem forecast for the UK. Don’t grumble – just make the most of it. Snuggle down with a good book, some comfort food and the central heating turned up much too high to be environmentally friendly. That’s certainly what I intend to do; so until next time…

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