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April 1st, 2011

First, thanks to Iain for last week’s blog. Could you be one of the people to put a smile on his face in this year’s competition? It’s certainly worth a try – but, as he says, successful comedy can be difficult to carry off successfully! So careful crafting is needed.

Chapter and Verse

If you are a Writers Bureau student you should be aware that we produce a quarterly magazine – Chapter and Verse – written and edited by students. Each issue has a theme and this time we want you to describe the event(s) in your life which validate your belief that you could one day be a published writer. You can send prose or poetry to candv@writersbureau.com – but please make sure it reaches us by 14th April as that’s when the editor starts putting the next issue together. In the meantime, check out the current issue in the student area.

And still on the same subject, if you want to read a humorous account by someone who has always known she would be a published writer, read Catherine Ryan Howard’s witty blog.

Will you be the Next Big Author?

That’s not just a question, it’s the title of a competition! It’s free, but you must register at www.TheNextBigAuthor.com and then submit the opening chapters of your novel (any genre) to the peer-review website YouWriteOn by the end of May. Publishers including Bloomsbury, Hodder & Stoughton, Random House, Orion and Little Brown will provide critiques for the top-rated entries, and the five highest rated entries will be announced on 1st July.

Mother’s Day

Sunday is Mother’s Day. It does rather bring out my ‘Bah, humbug’ tendencies and I look upon it as a cynical marketing ploy to inflate the price of flowers, chocolates, cards – and anything else the supermarkets can think of. After saying that, I suspect that if my son forgot completely or ignored it I’d probably weep, wail and gnash my teeth. (There may be a glass ceiling to break through, there may not be enough women in UK boardrooms but at least we have the privilege of being allowed to be totally illogical whilst blaming it on our hormones – an advantage denied to most men.)

But to earn brownie points and avoid the commercialism, why not write your mum a poem? It might involve more effort than nipping down to your local Tesco, but I bet she’ll value it more, and you’ll have the enjoyment of creating something original and unique.

Next Week’s Guest Blog

I can’t give you any insight into who will be blogging next week – because I haven’t had any volunteers yet! So if you’d like to have your say, contact me with details of your current blogging activities and I’ll get back to you.

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