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A Writer’s life for me…

September 21st, 2013

I love champagne. Everywhere I look I see bubbles. I wake up in the morning with a happy, smiley Jack Russell that oozes all the good things in life.
She’s my first sip of champagne.

The drops of water in the shower glisten like the fizz I adore. I sometimes fantasize that I am bathing in champagne.

As I sit down to write, I drink in a blank page and then I close my eyes and there´s a clink, like two glasses meeting, and after a while everything flows.

Always in the background I have music matching the particular epoch of my story. It’s like background music in a salon bar like Claridge’s or The Ritz – but I’m the only customer.

When I take a break to walk my dog, the sun shines on us as we stride the streets or I let her run in the fields. I may see the beach and the sea and glorious villas but in my heart I see the vineyards of Champagne and the great champagne houses.

Returning to work, the cork has popped again as I hit my keyboard. Cheers! The break did us both good.

Editing is less fun. It’s like the morning after the night before. As Hemingway said, “Write when you’re drunk, edit when you’re sober.” I guess those days are the days when my bubbles of fizzy water hold a little less sparkle but at the end of a busy and most productive day, there’s always time for a glass of the real thing.

That first proper sip is pure satisfaction. A reward for my efforts. I might be alone at home with my flute of bubbles or fizzing around with friends listening to their stories – always alert for possible ideas for future books. It´s 24-7 this “champagne” business! All good writers must work hard.

I will never give up, for one day I might be able to afford to sample the very best champagnes. It’s pure joy as I climb into my bed and dream of success like Lily Bollinger cycling through her company´s vineyards all those years ago.


Helene says: My interest in writing started very early. I have spent a lot of time helping companies with corporate literature and have just finished writing my first funny and very sexy piece of chick lit – “Six Little Words (met in the rain on Tower Bridge)” and I am now actively seeking an agent/publisher. Also, I’m writing my first children´s book based on the stories I wrote as a child.







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