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Writers Bureau Poetry Competition – winners to be announced on 21 February!

February 15th, 2013

First, thanks to Ros for her blog on ‘selective writers’ block’.  I agree entirely with her idea that you really need to identify with the people you are writing for in a very personal way if you are to succeed and enjoy it.  It backs up the point that we stress in the course about the importance of doing focused market research into the publications you intend to target if you hope to make an impression on the editor.  He or she knows just what the readers like and is not going to publish anything that doesn’t tick all the right boxes

Saying the Same Thing in Different Words

I subscribe to a number of different writing magazines and as I was reading through one last week I realised that nearly every article was a rehash of something that I’d read in that publication over the past two years.  Yes, the markets/competition sections change from month to month and there is the occasional article on new developments in the writing world and technology but the bigger part of the magazine covers the basics.  It got me thinking that perhaps there is a time limit on how long you can sensibly subscribe to the same magazine without stifling a yawn every time it drops through the letterbox.  I’d be interested in your views on this.

Avoiding Writing Scams

I am extremely pleased to hear that Johnathon Clifford has been awarded the Ted Slade Award for Services to Poetry. Ever since the Writers Bureau was launched in 1989 I have been aware of Johnathon tirelessly campaigning against the scams and rip-offs that are part of the writing world and if you want some good advice on who and what to avoid you could do no better than visit his website.

Scarlet letters

Our latest edition of Chapter and Verse – the quarterly e-zine showcasing students’ work – is now available on our website.  You can only access it if you are a student – but when you’ve read through it, we’d love to have your comments.  We still lack an editor, so if you’re interested, please get in touch: dianan@writersbureau.com.  You can do the job for as many or as few editions as you like and it does provide good experience of being on the other side of the editor’s desk.  The theme for the next issue is ‘Scarlet’ – just visit the site for submission guidelines.

And finally, the winners of our 2012 Poetry Competition will be announced on 21st February and their poems will be available to read on the site.  Go along and check them out as I’m sure you’ll be impressed!

My guest next week is Sherri Matthews.  Sherri entered our Writer of the Year Award for 2013.  She didn’t win but had a great story to tell and she’ll be sharing her very own writer’s world with you.

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