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The Writers Bureau Blog – More Posts Than You Can Shake a Stick At

September 28th, 2015

WBblogOnce a month I write a piece for this blog about ‘useful websites,’ and over the past year I’ve covered a lot of stuff: online dictionaries; international associations; writing competitions; self-publishing; website building … it’s become quite a list. But one thing I’ve never mentioned is the blog itself.

The Writers Bureau blog has been running for six years now, and though I’ve already put up seventy posts since starting in August 2014, I’m still just the new kid in town. Diana Nadin (our Director of Studies) has been posting since day one, and many of our tutors and successful students have posts going right back to the early days. Generally these pieces are short, anecdotal essays, but they’re also a good source of practical advice and information, with links to numerous articles and external sites providing all sorts of resources for writers.

In researching my own posts I’ve come across places that help with article writing, competition entries, promotion, presentation, copywriting, finding work … etc. So much, in fact, I’ve forgotten most of it. For example, I know some time ago I posted about ‘editorial calendars,’ with a link to a website where you can customize a calendar of your own. But I can’t remember any of the details, when the piece went out, or the name of the website. This is no disaster though, because the post still exists in the blog archive, and finding it is easy. All you do is look over to the far right hand side of this page where, under Diana’s picture, is a list of categories. Now, if you click on a category, a number of posts appear on screen and you can click on any one of these to read (or re-read) them. Searching through ‘articles’ I soon found the post I was looking for, and the link to timeanddate.com.

So there y’go – the name may have dropped out of my sieve-like memory, but it’s not lost. And if you’re looking for inspiration, or advice on a particular writing related subject, why not give it a go yourself? Just click on a category, then follow your nose, and be sure to …

Keep on writing!


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