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Every writer should have one!

September 3rd, 2010

I’ve not seen the Bureau’s copywriting course, but I’m willing to bet that, somewhere within its pages, the term U.S.P. will crop up. U.S.P. is an acronym for Unique Selling Point – something that is “special” to your product, whether you’re selling double glazing, knitting sweaters, making cakes or writing for publication.

Guest Blogger Janie

My husband, Cass, and I launched our writers’ advisory service, Flair For Words, in 1988. We wanted our set-up to be “different” – but in what way?  We’re both into positive thought and we realised that advising our readers how to use it could be our U.S.P.  We’ve majored on that for 22 years – and we’re still going strong, so we know it works.

Over the past two or three years, the writing scene has changed considerably. Whenever we attend writing functions, we’re sure to meet a few disheartened people who bewail the situation. They tell us it’s impossible to get published, that editors don’t bother to read their submissions – and they’re going to quit. Some of my students tell me the same thing – until I put them right!

Times have changed – and we, as writers, need to change with them. Take a fresh look at the markets and what they are publishing now. Openings and opportunities abound, but we have to get out there and find – or even create – them.  We can’t cling to outworn ideas that succeeded in the past.  Every aspect of publishing is changing and it’s up to us to produce the material that suits this brave new writing world.

Get yourself a U.S.P.             Every writer should have one!

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