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Writer of the Year Award – £250 prize

October 29th, 2010

Every year, the Writers Bureau holds their Writer of the Year Award.  There is a prize of £250 for the winner and four runners-up receive £50 each.  But the best part of it is that they all get the chance to showcase what they’ve achieved with their writing on our website. So, if you’re a Writers Bureau student and want to take part, visit our website for further information and the rules of entry.

Writing right!

At the same time you might like to have a look at the latest Facebook discussion – about the standard of English used on the Internet.  Susie’s right – we do get people emailing us using the most atrocious English: poor spelling, missing words and punctuation, and one of my particular bugbears – the use of i instead of I.  What must editors think if they get something like that accompanying a submission?  My first impulse would be to hit the delete key.  Email has made sending out work so much quicker and cheaper but don’t be tempted to let your standards slip.  Make sure your covering email is every bit as polished as if you were sending a letter.  Plus (and here I’m probably showing my age) I get equally irritated by slapdash blog posts and exchanges on forums.  To me, if you aim to be a writer, you should also aim to be professional.

First Writer

I’ve just been having a browse around the First Writer site.  There’s certainly lots of useful information including a list of agents, writing contests, magazine publishers, a free newsletter and links to other writing-related sites.

Guest Blogger

Finally, thanks to everyone who contacted me offering to provide a guest blog.  I’ll be getting back to all of you in due course.  But next week I’m pleased to introduce Sinead Fitzgibbon who will have some nuggets of wisdom for any aspiring writer.  Thanks Sinead! And I’ll be back in a fortnight.

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