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I want to be a writer, how do I get started?

October 18th, 2012

There are a number of ways you can become a writer, you can:

• take a home study or full/part-time course, either online or at a college – this is the best way to learn. A good course will supply you with:

– comprehensive course materials to work from, these could be online or hard copy and should teach you how to market research, plan and complete your writing and send it off to publishers

– self-assessment tasks so you can practise

– assignments to complete that are marked by experienced, published writers, with feedback and advice on how to improve your writing

– access to advice, tips and feedback on your work

• work by yourself using books/websites/forums – this is also a good way to learn as there’s lots of good, solid information out there. It’ll probably be much cheaper, but you’ll not have the benefit of a published writer’s feedback and advice.

• just go for it and learn by experience – probably the least effective way to learn. You’ll more than likely make many mistakes and end up with work being rejected without really knowing why. I wouldn’t recommend this path – after all writing is like any other skill and you’d not start building a house without learning how to do it first, would you?

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