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Write Your Novel in a Month

October 25th, 2013

First, thanks to Simon for last week’s blog – I’m glad that, like me, he feels that entering competitions is good for writers. Obviously the prize money has a big influence (after all, you’ve got to cover your costs) but an added bonus is the confidence and credibility as a writer that a win gives you!

Real Writers

When I’m recruiting Writers Bureau tutors there is one thing that I put a lot of emphasis on. I make sure that the tutor is a ‘real writer’ – and by that I mean that the person is being published regularly and is familiar with the current writing scene. I don’t want someone who used to write (years ago) or someone whose advice isn’t backed up by personal experience. So today I’m pleased to be able to highlight two of our tutors whose latest offerings I think you’ll find very useful.

First, Jackie Cosh has started blogging at Writers. I think you’ll find some of the posts already there really useful – it’s definitely one to go back and visit regularly.

Also, Writing for Children course tutor, Karen King, has just had her latest book published: Get Writing Children’s Fiction: ideas, tips and exercises for writers of children’s books. As you’d expect from such a professional children’s writer as Karen, it’s full of useful information and top tips for brushing up your own skills.

Grammar Check

Like many of you, I receive regular email updates on writing-related topics from Nick Daws. The one earlier this week included a link to a free, interactive quiz from online stationers Staples (Canada). It covers a variety of grammatical issues and I don’t think you’ll find it too difficult. All the usual culprits are there (affect/effect, it’s/its) but if you make any mistakes, guidance is provided so you can learn and improve. So if you feel like giving your grammar a workout.

And before I leave you, don’t forget that we’re nearly at the end of October so if you intend to take part in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) this November then I hope you’re already getting into training and I wish you luck!


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