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World Book Day’s Here Again

February 13th, 2015

windsor-castle-blogAs usual, thanks to Nicki for last Friday’s blog post. It got me looking through our tutor records and it’s amazing how many of them are ex-students. Students that have been successful and have then approached us to see if they could work with the next ‘generation’ of would-be writers. And the reason that we have so many is that it works!

Because they have studied with us they are familiar with the course and how we are organised. But more importantly, they know what it feels like to be a student – the trepidation of sending off your first assignment and wondering what the feedback will be like; the apprehension of making your first submission to a magazine…  So, they can tailor their feedback accordingly.

I’m going to be running a short series of guest blogs from tutors who started as students, so that you can get an insider  view of where the course has taken them,  and how they view their work with us. Next week, it will be the turn of Sue Wilks who specialises in writing historical non-fiction.

Okay, let’s move on. I know from talking to students that most of those who are interested in drama  want to write for the soaps or produce screen plays for films. But what about writing plays for the theatre?  I love going to the theatre – you’ve got to admit, it gives you more of a buzz than sitting in front of the TV or going to the multiplex.  So if you feel that same way, why not consider entering the Windsor Fringe Kenneth Branagh Award for New Drama Writing. There is a first prize of £500 and the best three scripts will be performed at the Windsor Fringe Festival. The entry fee is £5.00.

You should be looking to produce a one-act play with a running time of less than 30 minutes, suitable for up to six actors. Full details are available on their website.

Finally, this year’s World Book Day is on 5th March. If you’re not already familiar with the scheme, it’s designed to encourage children to read. In the UK, £1.00 book tokens are distributed to all children in nurseries, primary and secondary schools. There is a list of 10 approved books that can be bought for only £1.00 (and they look fun – not ‘worthy’ at all). Or, the children can use their token towards a book or audio book of their choice.  If you are a teacher (or just a parent who wants to boost their child’s reading) there are resources on the official site and in my view, anything that encourages children to read has got to be a good thing. Who knows, they may well turn into the writers of the future!



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