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Win Yourself a Laptop!

November 12th, 2010

Thanks to Sinead for last week’s blog.  She’s absolutely right about “… the strange parallel universe that exists in the world of magazine deadlines”.  Some writers just can’t get their head around the fact that you need to be writing and submitting your Christmas material to magazines in June and that if you’re considering any anniversary in May 2011 you should be writing it now. Having said that, look at this month’s E-zee Writer for some ideas on things to write about.

National Short Story Week

But if you’re not interested in writing non-fiction, you might want to take part in National Short Story Week which runs from 22nd to 28th November.  On the website there are suggestions for stories to read, the latest short story collections, a list of magazines that publish short stories, the opportunity to listen to classic short stories and a variety of links for people who want to write short stories.  It’s a great idea and I hope it goes from strength to strength.

Blogger Plugger…What’s that?

Next week I’ve persuaded (and I did need to do some persuading) Writers Bureau tutor, Sara Mace, to blog for me.  She has years of experience working on newspapers and as a tutor – so you ignore her advice at your peril.

Still on the subject of blogs (and I promise I’ll give it a rest after this), if you’re a Writers Bureau student, visit our forum where there is currently a lot of talk about blogs.  Our students are a supportive lot and they’re considering setting up a ‘Blogger Plugger’ so that people can swap addresses with fellow WB bloggers.  And if you’re not a student, don’t feel left out! Have a look at Creative Edge Writing where they hold a free weekly blog competition.

Finally, we’re now coming to the end of this year’s celebrations.  I’m currently sifting through our Spooky Flash Fiction entries to pick a winner.  But you’ve still time to sign up to our 21st Birthday list and give yourself the chance to win the final prize – a laptop!

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