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Some You Win, Some You Have To Take It On The Chin

November 17th, 2014

magazines-blogA couple of months ago I wrote a blog about how hard it can be, just getting things finished. At the time, I’d spotted a competition in Writing Magazine for an adult fairy story, and I’d decided to enter. The competition was going to be my deadline, but whether I won or lost, the intention was to keep blogging about the story. I was working on the assumption that, if a piece isn’t successful on its first submission, there’s always somewhere else to send it.

Good plan ‘ey? You can’t go wrong with a plan … except, in this case, I seem to have fallen at the first hurdle. You see, the competition deadline was last Friday, 14 November, and I missed it. How? Well, we’ve just been too busy, and my story’s not been a high enough priority.

I’ve enjoyed working on it though.

I write first drafts long-hand (I’m not a good enough typist to work straight onto a keyboard), and this one’s been scrawled out mainly while I’ve been sat at the back of the school dining hall during my nine year old son’s Hip-Hop dance classes. It’s called The Little People, and it’s about the very down-to-earth owner of a bathroom store who finds a real-life fairy at the bottom of his garden. I think it’s really funny. I finished my first draft on Tuesday, started typing in on Wednesday, and that was all done by Friday. But it still needed editing and, at that point, it was way over the competition word count. So that was that – missed the boat.

As you can imagine, I was disappointed. But hey … I’ve got a story, typed in – a good one too. And going back to my original plan, there are other places I can send it. I’m not exactly sure where yet, but I’ll start looking this week, and my first port of call  will be our very own E-Zee Writer. Looking through some back copies over the weekend, I stumbled across A Recipe For First-Rate Research by Esther Newton – a great article about how to find markets for your work. It explains the best way to find just the right publications for you – the places where your personal style will have the best chance of success. So, with Esther as my guide, I’m going to find a place for my story. And don’t worry, I’ll be sure to let you know how I get on.

Keep on Writing!


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