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March 12th, 2010

Well, what can I say about Cirque du Soleil except that they were fantastic!  They really lived up to expectations and if you get the opportunity, go and see them.  My hands were sore from clapping by the time we left.

Last week I recommended our monthly newsletter, E-Zee Writer but I’ve just discovered another good read – the Inkwell Newsletter.  It’s chatty, informative and provides information on writing-related events, competitions and markets for your work.

In the latest issue they linked through to a great article that appeared in the Guardian where a selection of famous authors each suggested their ten rules for writing fiction.  There were tips from the likes of Elmore Leonard, Margaret Atwood, Helen Dunmore, Esther Freud, P D James, and my favourite Roddy Doyle.  Who, as you would expect, is humorous and doesn’t take himself too seriously.

It’s well worth a read even if you’ve no intention of writing a novel yourself because it gives an insight into how the professionals work.

If you fancy a spring break, why not try the Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival which runs 20th to 28th March.  As usual, there are plenty of famous names, but I sometimes think that some of them spend more time doing the rounds of literary festivals than actually writing.  Perhaps that’s inevitable in a world where writers increasingly have to market themselves if they want to keep the royalty cheques rolling in.

Next week, Simon Maginn, another Writers Bureau tutor, is going to be my guest blogger.  I suspect he’ll tell you about his new novella, Rattus, and believe me, it’ll make you think twice before you raise the toilet lid in future!

But before I go, don’t forget our latest 21st Birthday competition which gives you the chance to win a  Proofreading and Copy Editing course.

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