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May 28th, 2010


Are you a mobile phone addict?  I sometimes feel that I’m the only person on the planet who isn’t permanently glued to my mobile.  When I go walking and come across someone at over 3000 feet, sitting at a trig point and talking into their mobile instead of admiring the view, I feel like taking it off them and throwing it over the nearest rock face (and that’s the censored suggestion).

So, as you can imagine, I’m not really into ‘apps’ but I saw an intriguing one last week – findatoilet.mobi.  All you do is type in where you are and you’ll be told the location of the nearest public convenience.  That’s OK if you’re in central Manchester, but you might not make it in time if you’re half way up Snowdon!  I wonder if they suggest bushes or stone walls as alternatives?

We hear a lot these days about writers blogging or putting extracts of their work on the Internet and then getting spotted by a publisher or agent and taken on.  How often does it really happen and what are your chances?  I can’t answer that one but apparently crime writer Stuart Neville was discovered by his agent after he had posted a short story on Thuglit. In fact, his debut novel ‘The Twelve’, published by Harvill Secker is out now and has had some great reviews.

Or, if you’re an aspiring novelist but Thuglit isn’t your style, why not have a look at Authonomy?  Launched by HarperCollins, this site allows you to upload your novel and have it read – and judged – by fellow members.  It’s already highlighted some success stories and the best are currently being printed.

And finally, don’t forget the Writers Bureau 21st Birthday Caption Writing competition.  You’ve just time to enter before the closing date of 30th May, giving you the chance to win a Freelance Journalism course.

Enjoy your writing over the bank holiday weekend!

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