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What’s YOUR Motivation?

May 18th, 2018

First, thanks to Vicki for last week’s post. I think she’s right when she says that nearly everyone who has had a burning desire to write probably remembers the motivation that first prompted them to pursue their dream.

But for some people, it’s maintaining that motivation when things don’t seem to be going right that’s a problem. Your cherished novel has been rejected…and rejected…and rejected. That fascinating article about your trip to the saffron fields of Morocco just doesn’t seem to be catching the eye of a travel editor. Your carefully crafted short story hasn’t been short-listed in yet another competition.  At some point, any writer can start to feel that perhaps they just haven’t got what it takes.

Stop right there! If you give up so easily you’re betraying yourself and your ambitions. Rejection can happen for any number of reasons, whether you’re writing a novel, short stories, articles or poems.

It may have nothing to do with your talent – or lack of it – writing is a very subjective business. What appeals to one editor, publisher or competition judge, might not appeal to another. You should definitely go back and read through your work, looking at it in as honest a light as possible. If you do spot any flaws or think you might be sending your baby out to the wrong markets, then take positive action. But if you don’t, then persevere. Don’t dismiss yourself as a writer.

In fact, returning to what Vicki said, I’d like to add that you should think about your motivation until you can distil it into a few well-chosen words, and write/print it out and put it up over  your writing space. Then, when you’re feeling disheartened, look at it and remind yourself why you chose this path in the first place!

OK, motivational lecture over. I’d like to mention a couple of competitions that we’re running at the moment. The first is a free competition for Writers Bureau Students, where we’d like you to write a 300-word short story on any theme. You can submit as many stories as you like, but remember that they mustn’t exceed 300 words and, as with most things, quality is better than quantity. So you’re in with a better chance of winning the £25 prize if you send one perfectly crafted story than if you dash of six that are not properly thought through.

Next, our annual Limerick Competition is now open. It’s one of my favourite competitions as some of the entries we get are both humorous and clever. But it’s not as easy as it looks; so why not have a look at last year’s winners to see what you should be aiming for. The winner will receive £100 and a Writers Bureau course of their choice. Two runners-up will each receive £50 and membership of the Association of Freelance Writers.

I don’t yet have a guest for next week, so if any of you would like to contribute I’d be happy to hear from you. Pieces should be 3-500 words in length, writing related and accompanied by a picture of yourself or something relevant to the post.  Email: dianan@writersbureau.com

Author: Diana Nadin

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