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Here’ s What We’ve Got so Far…

March 20th, 2013

This is the third week for our mid week murder mystery story and here’s what we’ve got so far. Have a read and see if you can add some creative writing to it.

Pete shivered as he entered the lobby. Dilapidated curtains hung from the cobweb stricken windows and a strange feeling began to spread through his body. An unexpectedly bright ‘ding’ rang out as the rusty bell sprang into life. Pete’s ears hurt. Since that day, the sound of a bell would never be the same. A door draped in shadows creaked open, and through the dust-laden shaft of sunlight stepped a male figure.

Pete was sure he had seen this person somewhere before. Without words being spoken, the person indicated with his right hand for Pete to come closer. Not feeling altogether safe, he ventured forward ‘til he was a few paces from the stranger, all the while looking into the face feeling some sort of recognition. Pete’s memory seemed to come alive as he remembered the stranger was the actor Sidney Tafler, from the 60s.

‘Come walk awhile with me’ he said as they walked through the creaking door, the bell in the belfrey gave out a deep ding dong and Pete found himself, alone, once more in the shaft of sunlight.”

A loud squawk from a wooden post barely supporting a crumbling fence beside the entrance door heralded the sight of a brightly coloured macaw perched there, his head on one side….’Gone away, gone away…’ it screeched. Peter, shielding his eyes from the sunlight, scanned the shabby garden for the stranger. A footstep on the gravel round the side of the house made him start. A flash of rusty tweed jacket and the man who’d spoken to him all but vanished. With a puzzled glance at the macaw, Peter crunched over the gravel to catch up with the man he believed to be the 60s actor. He was heading for the Victorian greenhouses at the far end of the garden. He stopped briefly, turned towards Peter and smiled. ‘’This is where it all happened! Remember the day, do you?’’

I’m liking it! I want to know what happened in that greenhouse on that day.

If you want to contribute to this story please send your entry to shelleyb@writersbureau.com

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