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WB Student Only Writing & Photo Competition Runner-up

September 20th, 2017

In our first student only competition students were asked to write a short 300-word article about a place in their village, town or city that is special to them. They had to write it as a travel piece to entice people to visit. This exercise was designed to help students look at the familiar with new eyes. There were two runners-up who are being published on this blog.

Our first runner-up is Linda Holt with An Unexpected Visit to Beeston Bump

Walking along the cliff tops between Cromer and Sheringham on the North Norfolk coastal path, you will discover Beeston Bump. This is a cliff-top hill which overlooks the sea and the village of Beeston Regis and is 207 feet (63m) high. Now this is a discovery, as Norfolk is known for its flat landscape and when a small hillock suddenly appears, it is quite an exciting find!

The hill can be approached from either the east or west along a sandy pathway. On passing All Saints Church at Beeston Regis, the ‘bump’ and steep slope will come into view. The vegetation here is very green and lush as this is part of the Beeston Regis Nature Trail. There is plenty of interest for all the family with a large variety of wildlife and plants to be discovered such as red valerian, red clover, tansy, common mallow as well as the field mice, short-tailed vole, and 7 spot ladybird. The bird-watchers will also be happy to see skylarks, terns, herring gull and even kestrels.

It takes 5 minutes to climb to the top and is well worth the effort. The vista starts with a magnificent view of the coastline and the North Sea, where the sandy beaches stretch as far as the eye can see. Other sights include the windfarm, 23km out to sea with its 88 turbines, the towns of Sheringham and Beeston Regis as well as the famous Cromer pier away in the distance.

A fun way to arrive at this idyllic place is to catch the steam train to Sheringham. Visitors can also arrive by bus on the Coastal Hopper or drive along the A149 coast road.

Beeston Bump is in an area of outstanding beauty and a visit is highly recommended.

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