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WB Student Only Writing & Photo Competition Runner-Up

September 27th, 2017

In our first student only competition students were asked to write a short 300-word article about a place in their village, town or city that is special to them. They had to write it as a travel piece to entice people to visit. This exercise was designed to help students look at the familiar with new eyes. There were two runners-up who are being published on this blog.

Our second runner-up is Grazyna Söderbom with Gothenburg and its Lovely Liseberg

With its “Little London” moniker promising the pizazz of a metropolitan personality yet a homelier welcome than big brother Stockholm, Gothenburg entices you to visit the west coast of Sweden.

Its most captivating attraction is Liseberg, one of Scandinavia’s most visited amusement parks; annually, about three million parents and offspring alike burn off Viking-like, adrenalin-driven steam on “Balder”, the bone-rattling, wooden roller coaster in summer or indulge a demure desire for delectable reindeer kebabs in a Christmas wonderland during winter.

I prefer a Christmas visit whether it’s snow white or a soggy, city-grey winter lashed by cold easterly winds. When December darkness embraces Gothenburg like a thick woollen blanket, Liseberg, slumbering since Halloween, is woken and illuminated for a few festive weeks. Hordes of natives queue patiently alongside excited tourists to enter this idyllic, Scandinavian Disneyland-like sanctuary amidst the hubbub of Little London.

No matter how hardy your anti-arctic temperature clothes are, you can chill your bones on the swinging carousel that whips you round its icy orbit. Larger than life, cuddly green Liseberg Rabbits will tempt tourists to take their train that chugs above and around the merry crowds, whilst delicious aromas of candyfloss and popcorn and the din of jangling bells of the Wheels of Fortune waft skywards. Red-faced stall-keepers offer Christmas tipples, from mulled wine that saturates its almonds and raisins to mouth-watering, warm cordials made from Swedish cranberries and elderflower. Samis sell scrumptious reindeer kebabs crammed with crispy lettuce, cranberry sauce and a white spiced sauce, whilst connoisseurs tempt you to buy smoked reindeer, moose and wild boar, snus or traditional arts and crafts like leather gloves or woolly slippers and delicate glass baubles for your Christmas tree. Snug yet stunning, it’s just not to be missed.

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