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Innovative ways to promote your writing

August 17th, 2012

cover glorious glut

by guest blogger, Jackie Sherman.

One of the challenges faced by less well-known writers is to make sure people know about their work. When my cookery book “Making the Most of Your Glorious Glut” was published last year, I was encouraged by the publishers (Green Books) to make good use of any contacts that I had, and to attend as many events as possible.

A really important contact turned out to be my local independent bookshop owner, Mark. He has his own marketing problems, as you can imagine, and so is always on the lookout for ways to join forces with authors and illustrators to promote both new books and the shop itself. My book happened to have excellent green credentials as it is all about storing, preserving and otherwise using up home grown fruit and vegetables that are produced in mad abundance – such as courgettes, tomatoes, plums and runner beans – and that might otherwise be left to wither away on the vine because no-one can face bringing any more into the kitchen. So when Mark approached the local energy-saving ‘Carbon Cutters’ association, they were very keen to set up a special book evening for their members and to ask me along as the main speaker.

People always love to meet authors as they all want to know how you get your ideas, what the process is and any tips on writing their own books, so the group was very welcoming and it was a fun evening. Even if you get nervous at the thought of talking to a group of strangers, just take them through the process from first idea to end result (including any slip-ups along the way) and you will find that people are quite fascinated.

The highlight wasn’t actually my talk at all but the cakes some of the members had baked using recipes from the book. These included chocolate and beetroot, courgette and carrot cake. They had also made cider, so we were a very merry bunch by the end of the night.

Before we started, I noticed that Mark had brought along about 20 copies of the book, and I expected him to leave with perhaps 15. In the end, he did such a good selling job (and the cider may have helped!) that he sold the lot and I spent a very pleasant half an hour signing every copy.

Making the Most of Your Glorious Glut” is available from Green Books and you can read about Jackie and find her books at


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