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Ways To Get Your Book Published

October 8th, 2021

As you will know by now, I have been an author for many years and have had my books published in different ways, including different publishers and self-publishing.

These are the main options you have:

Approach an Agent

Approach a publisher direct


Hybrid Publishing

Ways to get your book published

You have spent months – years even – writing your masterpiece and now you need to get it out there to your adoring public. What are your options?

This is the difficult bit as they all involve a lot of time and effort on your part.

Approach an Agent  Agents are very busy, and many do not take on new clients especially if they are also new authors. First you have to find one willing to consider you – but they are out there!

Do your homework and look at their websites. There are some who welcome new writers, and every 3 months there is a day on Twitter when you can try to get their attention #PitMad. Always follow their guidelines on how to submit.

A query letter goes first as an email – less than 300 words as they are very busy and will skim read to look for something that grabs them. More about how and why it is an important book rather than a description of what it contains.

If they want more, they will ask for it. Then they tout it around to potential publishers. You may get an advance fee this way, probably more than if you went direct to the publisher, but it takes a long time before you see any of it.

Approach a publisher  We are talking about non-fiction here, although some things will be similar for fiction. For Non-fiction you send a Proposal. Not the full manuscript, and you don’t have to have finished it when you submit, but it does have to be a comprehensive outline.

Follow their guidelines with very detailed chapter outlines. They want to know the primary reader and where/how it is likely to be marketed. Remember, they market to their list not yours. Less likely to get an advance but if you are what they are looking for, they will send a contract.

Self-Publish  Easier now than it used to be. You get the book print-ready, pay for printing X number of copies, then market and sell the book yourself.

You can use Amazon to publish it, and they allocate an ISBN number for you. You can also use KDP to publish an E-book version.

You can buy an ISBN yourself and call yourself a publisher.

Hybrid Publishing  This is fast becoming a real option if you were planning to self-publish. Since 2020, we (as Pen Coed Publishing) have acted as hybrid publisher for 3 local authors – very successfully.

How does hybrid publishing work? We help you get the book print-ready, including editing, layout, arranging printing.

You pay a fee which includes editing (if your text needs it), ISBN, and printing costs.

You still market and sell your book but so do we. It also now has a ‘publisher’ so book shops are more likely to stock it.

This route is generally quicker to get to a publishing date.

So, the choice is yours. There are other options for full-colour illustrated books that are mainly made up of images, such as Blurb (www.blurb.com ) as they are then print on demand or bulk order.

Once you have self-published a book, an Agent or Publisher is unlikely (although it does happen occasionally) to want to publish that one – if it is selling well, why would you need them/ if it is not selling well, why would they want to take a chance on publishing it? You need to decide what is the best option for you in order to get your book out there to the reader.


Pen Coed Publishing offers an Editing service with the initial quick read-through free, then feedback to say what additional editing it might need, if any, before publication. They also act as Hybrid Publisher if you were already planning to go down the self-publishing route. Note this is non-fiction rather than fiction.

See more information about these services at www.pencoedpublishing.co.uk and sign up for the regular newsletters (4-5 each year) from www.pencoedpublishing.co.uk/contact-us 

Jacqueline’s website also includes news and information on how to write, arty things, and travel so see www.jacquelinejeynes.com for more details and to sign up for the newsletter.

Email with any questions to jackiepencoed@gmail.com 



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