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Do You See Yourself As A Travel Writer?

February 9th, 2018

First, thanks to Robin for last week’s blog. I agree with him wholeheartedly that non-deadline deadlines are the most terrifying thing. I have a strong tendency to procrastinate and unless I’ve got a firm deadline to work to I put things off. This leads to anxiety (when I know I should be doing a piece of writing but can’t quite make myself get on with it) and eventually panic when I have to rush to get it done in time. Some people, apparently, thrive on this but I just wish I had more self-discipline.

Now, I’ve got quite a few interesting things for you this week. First, the winner and runners-up in our Student of the Year Award 2018 are now on our website. Congratulations to them – especially the winner Vicki Harwood. They’ve all got inspirational stories to tell, so why not have a look. And don’t forget, if you’re a Writers Bureau student and have had some success you could be next year’s winner. We start accepting entries towards the end of the year and then the judging takes place in January. We aren’t just looking for the most successful person or the one who has earned the most money – we want people whose writing has taken them down a path that has helped to change their life in some way.

Next, we’ve got £25 off our Writing for Children Course until 18th February. It’s a fascinating course which covers all age groups from picture books for toddlers to writing Young Adult fiction. Plus the structure means that you have ten assignments which we set, to give you practice in all aspects of the course, plus a further five assignments which are ‘open’ and allow you to work on your chosen genre with your tutor. This means you get plenty of feedback on writing that really matters to you.

And for someone, like me, who always has itchy feet and wants to travel, here’s one that World Nomads contacted me about recently. Their annual Travel Writing Scholarship will give three aspiring writers the opportunity to attend a travel writing workshop with professional travel writer and frequent contributor to the New York Times and Outdoor magazine, Tim Neville in Buenos Aires.

After completing the workshop, they will put their writing skills to the test on a two-week all-expenses-paid trip across Argentina where they will document their adventures.

You should submit your best travel story along with a short personal essay about why you should be chosen. Applications close on February 28th, so you haven’t much time. But, if you think you’re an inspired travel writer and really want to expand your horizons then this could be the one for you!

One final thought to leave you with – according to the Romantic Novelists Association Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler (Gone with the Wind) are the third most romantic couple in fiction, behind Elisabeth and Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice and Romeo and Juliet. Who would you put up for first place?

My guest next week is another runner-up in our 2017 Flash Fiction Competition, Matthew Gibson, who will be explaining why he thinks entering competitions can help you to improve your writing.


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