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The Third Way – Writing To Earn Money From Home!

October 19th, 2015

third.wayCome on now, let’s get our cards on the table. What, exactly, do we all want out of this ‘writing’ business? Worldwide fame and fortune like J. K. Rowling and Stephen King? Or literary kudos? Maybe one of us could be the next Arundhati Roy, or Lemn Sissay?

Well, to be honest, either would be nice. But the way things are, I’ll settle for a third option: staying home (so I’m here when the kids get back from school) with no ‘boss’ breathing down my neck, making a bit of extra money doing something I love – something I do anyway, paid or not.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m chipping away at this career every day, and when I get offered my big break I’ll jump at it. Just now though, life’s really busy, and I know some people churn out novels with primary age children tumbling around their ankles, but I can’t. So most of the writing I’m doing at the moment is short – articles, stories and blogs (like this.) I’m working on my style, building up a portfolio, and the money I’m earning helps to pay for things round the house, trips away, days out with the gang during the holidays … little extras that everyone appreciates.

Granted, my income isn’t huge (yet) but it’s really useful, so imagine the look on my face when I read something in an old copy of E-Zee Writer explaining how to get paid twice, or even three times for the same piece of work. Written by the ever informative Simon Whaley, the article Getting Paid Twice describes a number of low cost, easy to join associations who gather and distribute royalties to writers. Royalties are sums of money paid to all sorts of artists for the re-sale, reproduction and re-broadcast of their work. Anyone whose published a book, an article, a story or a picture in a magazine is due a royalty payment, but you have to be a member of the right association to get it.

So, go and have a look at Simon’s article, and get your applications in (mine have already gone.) Let’s all get ourselves ready for the big time, and …

Keep on writing!phil-blog-sig

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