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The Terminator sets his sight on books

August 14th, 2009

Last time, I had my say about the need for writers to read. But we’re currently being told (by none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger) that real books will soon be obsolete. Instead we’ll all be using electronic book readers like the Kindle from Amazon. He’s advocating that all students in California should switch to e-book readers in a bid to cut spending on school text books.

I think that he has a point and that as they become more sophisticated and less expensive more and more people will buy and use them. But I don’t think we’ve rung the death knell for paper books just yet. They still take some beating when it comes to reading in the bath!

And just to prove the point, BookCrossing is going from strength to strength. If you haven’t heard the term before it’s the practice of leaving a book you’ve read for someone else to pick up by following your online directions. Currently, over 800,000 people in 130 countries are involved!

Moving on, have you visited the BBC’s Writers Room yet? They say “We’re always on the lookout for fresh, new talented writers for a changing Britain”. There’s lots of useful information on the site (as you would expect) including current opportunities and where to send scripts. And any tips or advice you pick up on the site really is coming straight from the horse’s mouth. Let’s be honest, in the prestige stakes, there’s still little to beat working for the Beeb.

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