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How You Can Improve Your Writing In Just A Week

July 28th, 2017

Several years ago, a teacher friend put one of her ex-students in touch with me for some advice about writing. This lovely young woman had just completed a master’s degree in creative writing and wasn’t sure what to do next – how to progress what she had learned. We had coffee, which somehow slipped into drinks and over a few glasses of wine we discussed the virtues of her course, what she thought she would achieve on it and what she did actually accomplish.  There was, needless to say, quite a short fall between expectation and reality.

Now, I’m not dissing a master’s degree, most definitely not, and the master’s degree that my lovely protégée completed was a good one, an excellent one, from a Russell Group University. In fact I’m not dissing any help a writer can get, it’s a lonely and difficult profession, but what I’d like to discuss here is exactly what we do when we come together on a writing course, what we should hope to achieve and why a week’s course is such a great thing to do; inspiring, motivational and instructive – in ways that an intensive, expensive degree may not be. Read the rest of this entry »

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