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Spice Up Your Enthusiasm!

January 29th, 2010

This is the time of year when those New Year resolutions start flagging. That sudden burst of energy and enthusiasm tends to dwindle and suddenly, lethargy takes over. Don’t let lethargy affect your writing. It happens to us all, but there are ways to reinvigorate your willpower.

In an article I wrote for the February issue of Writing Magazine, I interviewed three writers about when they find the time to write. One of them, Diane works full time as a Civil Servant and found it difficult to realise her writing goals. So, she bought herself a small laptop, which she takes to work, and this enables her to work on her writing during her lunch breaks. Suddenly, her writing goals have been reinvigorated. Can you find yourself a new writing slot like this? Often, all it takes is a bit of variety to spice up your enthusiasm.

Sadly, the bad weather conditions here in the UK have meant that I’ve had to miss one of my regular writers’ circle meetings. We all know how writing can be a lonely and isolating experience, so it’s always good to meet other writers face-to-face and swap stories, share advice and offer support. In fact, talk to most writers after they’ve been to a regular meeting and they’ll grin back at you, all inspired and ready to get writing again! If you don’t belong to a writers’ circle, find out if there are any in your locality. Ask your local library, or visit the National Association of Writers’ Group Membership Directory for a list of groups in the UK. Don’t forget online groups and forums can be immensely supportive too. The Writers Bureau Student Forum area can help you connect with other writers online and re-ignite your enthusiasm virtually.

Of course, the best motivation there is, is a deadline, and I have a couple looming soon, so I’d best get on!

Happy Writing!

Simon Whaley

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