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Writing in Circles

October 30th, 2020

I’d wanted to write for some years but it was only as the children got older and we moved up to the Midlands in 1999 that I felt I might have the time. A character in my head kept saying ‘Write my story!’ and I’d even begun to draft a novel for her, but I couldn’t get past chapter three. The thought of sharing my writing with a group of strangers, who no doubt had years of experience, was very intimidating so it took a degree of courage to go along to the local Writers’ Circle that I’d seen advertised in a free paper. The group turned out to be quite small, eight that day, with a range of ages and abilities. The speaker was a local historian who gave us a slide presentation about his work and a month later there was a manuscript evening where members read out a passage of work in progress and were given constructive feedback by the members. I didn’t feel up to sharing my story but several months later I took the plunge, and was pleased by the advice and encouragement I received. It gave me the confidence to carry on writing. Read the rest of this entry »

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