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How to Tackle your Assignments

January 18th, 2013

First, and most importantly, don’t panic! Many students tell us they feel a wave of self-doubt wash over them when they move on from the relatively simple assignment one to the more challenging assignment two.  This is entirely normal and many students feel this way. After all, assignment one is a ‘getting to know you’ kind of assignment, it’s not something you’ll be sending off to publishers, it’s for your tutor to learn a little about you and your writing motivation.

Assignment two is a ‘proper’ assignment, which means you are expected to put together something that could be sent to publishers. So, take a deep breath and work your way through the processes we’ve taught you – market research, drafting, re-reading for mistakes and so on – thoroughly.

If you find yourself procrastinating about what topic to write about, which is another common issue, just put all the ideas in a hat and simply pick one out. Once you get started, we promise you’ll feel much better about it.

And do bear in mind that this is a learning process, the tutor does not expect you to send in an assignment that requires no alteration. If that were the case, why would you need a course? So, we expect you to make mistakes, we expect you to ask lots of questions and we expect that your first few assignments will not be of a publishable standard.

And finally, we promise you’ll feel so much better when you’ve submitted your assignment, had it marked and got it back – you’ll realise that it’s actually quite good after all!

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