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Writers’ summer networking events!

June 4th, 2010

Well, here it comes – not many more days before the World Cup starts.  My husband and I have struck a truce.  He can watch as much football as he likes provided he doesn’t moan if I decide to take myself off somewhere exotic, leaving him to cook his own meals. (Come on folks, can you think of anywhere exotic in the environs of Rochdale?)

Joking apart, it is a perfect opportunity for all you women writers to spend some time networking (unless, of course, you’re a keen football fan).  It doesn’t matter whether it’s virtual networking on the many writing-related sites or face-to-face, but it’s becoming increasingly important for writers to get out there and meet people if they’re to promote their talent.

For traditionalists, summer is a particularly good time with a variety of residential and day courses around the country including The Writers Workshop, The Writers’ Summer School in Swanwick  from 7 to 13 August and Caerleon Summer Writers’ Holiday from 25 to 30 July.  You may even meet some Writers Bureau tutors at the latter two as they tend to lead the odd seminar or course.

I spent last weekend doing the final proofreading on our new ‘Effective Time Management’ course.  It contains lots of great advice that really got me thinking about how much time I currently waste and how I could organise myself better.  As soon as it’s on sale I’ll let you know.  I suspect it will be a boon for many part-time writers who can have difficulty fitting their writing around their other commitments and persuading friends and relatives that what they’re doing is a serious occupation that needs concentration.

Next week Writers Bureau tutor Sue Wilkes is my guest blogger and she’ll be talking about ‘plate spinning’ – very apt in view of my comments in the previous paragraph!

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