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Winner of the Student Competition

October 30th, 2019

For our latest student competition we asked people to write the title and opening for a crime novel. Our congratulations go to David Goodday for the winning entry. Enjoy!


I was at home when I received the call from Mario. He told me that he wasn’t going to make it home that night and asked me for a favour. Mario was my next door neighbour and quite often I would use his spare key to go round and feed his cat for him. So, I went round, let myself in and was just about to feed Benito when my mobile rang, it was Mario again. He asked me where I was, so I told him. ‘You Gotta get out of there’, he said, ‘there are some guys on route, and they are not coming to shake my hand’. He sounded serious but I smiled and cracked a joke about the Mafia. ‘If only you knew’, I heard him whisper. ‘Look just get out of there and make sure you take Benito with you, the last thing I want is a dead cat head left in my bed, those Egyptian cotton sheets cost money you know’, with that he rang off.

What about my head, I thought as I suddenly slipped into panic mode. My heart was pounding as I went and locked the front door from the inside. I left a key in the back door as a means of my escape. Benito was upstairs hiding under the bed. I had just squeezed under to grab him when there was a knock at the front door, ‘Were not going to answer that’, I told Benito. Then I heard glass breaking followed by the sound of heavy footsteps as someone hurriedly made there way up the stairs. I tried to imagine what tomorrows headlines might say ‘Retired Council Clerk And Cat Found Tortured And Murdered By Suspected Sicilian Hit Squad’. Then the bedroom door burst open.


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