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Writers Bureau Student Long-listed for Romantic Novel of the Year Award

January 21st, 2011

First, thanks to Anne for last week’s blog. As she says, blogging has become virtually a pre-requisite if you want to promote yourself and bring the world to your website. But don’t just look upon it as a tool – take her other advice and get the enjoyment that comes with not having to write to others’ requirements!

Talking Telephone Numbers

In this month’s E-zee Writer, Simon Whaley gives some good advice on how to avoid becoming depressed by rejections and, instead, use them constructively.  As you probably know, Simon is a Writers Bureau tutor, but he also lectures at writing conferences around the country and writes for other magazines.  I came across one of his articles in this month’s edition of Writers’ News – it was an intriguing piece about telephone numbers in fiction. Did you know, for example, that when a ‘real’ phone number appeared on one of the East Enders character’s mobile phone over 2800 people rang it?  Yes, I know, I find it difficult to comprehend, too.  Or that that there are people out there who can’t differentiate between fiction and real life.

Apparently, to avoid this Ofcom has created geographical fictitious telephone numbers so that you can have, say, a Manchester area telephone number for your Manchester-based character or a Glasgow number for your villain in Scotland.

So if you’re writing a novel, short story or screen-play and you need to include a phone number visit Ofcom’s website for more details.  It’ll avoid the possibility of being hounded by disgruntled people tired of receiving phone calls from your readers!

Writers Bureau Short Story and Poetry Competitions

In the meantime, keep your eye on our website, The Writers Bureau, as we’ll soon be giving details of our annual competition.  This year we’ve decided to do things rather differently and have a Short Story Competition running from February to June and then a Poetry Competition running from August to December, rather than having both taking entries at the same time.

And talking of competitions, our student Christina Jones has been long-listed for the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s Romantic Novel of the Year Award.  The winner will be announced in March – and until then we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for Christina.

Next week, Writers Bureau student Louise Cahill will be my guest blogger, just back from a trip to Switzerland for a commission on trains.  Louise can turn her hand to writing about anything –  from diving in Israel to walking in Northumberland. She really backs up the advice that we give in the course that if you can take great photos  you really do increase your chances of selling your writing.

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