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Student Only Letter Writing Competition Winner

March 13th, 2018

A couple of times a year we run a student only competition with a £25 prize. Our latest one was to write a reader’s letter featuring an animal and send it to us with a photograph.  We had a wonderful response with lots of lovely pictures of beloved pets and other animals. There were also some serious ones about how human behaviour can have devastating results on the animal kingdom. It was hard to choose a winner but this one from Belinda Daly made us laugh. We hope you enjoy it.

Dromedary Kiss

In 2002 my boyfriend, Dave and I booked a romantic Valentine’s break to Tunisia. Unfortunately, Dave broke his legs whilst roller skating; thus, no Tunisian trip for him.

Whilst in Tunisia I went on the romantic Traditional Tunisian Dinner that I pre-booked back in London. Before the entertainment started I was accosted by a Tunisian man, in the hotel garden, who had a dromedary with him.

He insisted I have my picture taken with the dromedary named Bottom. The man handed me a long slice of cucumber and insisted I put it in my mouth. I did; he brought Bottom close to me; Bottom puckered his lips and took the cucumber from my also puckered lips.

So on Valentine’s Day, in Tunisia, I had a mushy kiss from a male that was not Dave. I have never told Dave, to this day, that he kisses just like Bottom the dromedary.

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