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Writers Bureau Short Story Competition now open for entries

March 30th, 2012

First thanks to Esther for last week’s blog. I just loved that cake! My own personal typo blackspots are diary/dairy and now/not. As you can imagine, the second one can really cause problems if it’s not picked up before hitting the send button.

Competitions Galore

Until June we’re accepting entries for our annual Short Story Competition, so for those of you who are looking for a poetry competition to enter why not try the Rialto Nature Poetry Competition. As you can imagine, the theme is ‘nature’ and prizes are: 1st, £1000; 2nd, £400 and 3rd, £300. In addition, the winners will be published in The Rialto and will get a tour with Mark Cocker of his most cherished wildlife places in East Anglia. The entry fee is £6 for the first poem and £3 for each subsequent entry. Closing date is 30th April.

Or try the Yeovil Literary Prize. This is unusual because not only are there categories for poems and short stories but there is also a ‘novel’ section. They accept a synopsis and opening chapters, up to 15,000 words. So, all of you out there who took part in NaNoWriMo (link to www.nanowrimo.org) at the end of last year and haven’t done anything since, why don’t you polish those opening chapters and send them in. Entry fee is £11.00 and the closing date is 31st May.

Taking Liberties

I was recently looking at copy of Freelance Market News that the editor was putting together. One of the entries was for a glossy county magazine that shall remain nameless. They said that they were willing to accept freelance contributions but couldn’t pay. It made my blood boil, when I flipped through the magazine in question and saw the amount of advertising it was carrying, and the revenue that this must have generated. In the end, it wasn’t included in FMN. They feel that by publishing your work they are helping you to build up a portfolio so that you are in a better position to approach other editors. Looked at another way, they’re simply taking advantage! So what are your views?

Britannica Bites the Dust

So, after 244 years of being produced in weighty tomes, the Encyclopaedia Britannica has seen it last print run. From now on it will only appear as an online version. This news prompted me to have a look at their site – something I’ve not done for a while. Under ‘research tools’ they have a section called This day in History which might be worth looking at if you’re ever stuck for article ideas.

Next week, my guest blogger is Shelley Bowers who is the editor of E-zee Writer. She’s not told me what she intends to cover; so we’ll all be left in suspense for the next seven days!

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