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Somebody Should …

October 22nd, 2014

Fuss-blogCopywriters get  a rough deal, don’t you think? Journalists, scriptwriters, novelists … they all get loads of attention. Some even become proper celeb’s. But name me one copywriter whose been on the cover of a glossy mag’ or asked to appear on breakfast TV. I can’t think of any.

It’s not as if copy isn’t important either. What with the internet and half our lives spent glued to one screen or another, we’re awash with the stuff. Most of it seems fairly poor to me though. It’s all very well filling your work with SEO tags and keywords, but where’s the humour? Where’s the character? Whenever I read a piece, I get an idea of what the writer is like, but with most internet copy the only images that come to mind are of either a stressed out corporate drudge, or some slick sales rep, neither of whom seem to really care about writing.

So, when I come across a good piece of copy, whatever it may be, it stops me in my tracks. Like this – the other day I was in our local butchers (after some sausages) and, in amongst the notices and posters pinned round the door, I spotted this letter: “We are a sociable group interested in about anything and everything,” it said. “Would you like to join us and add more variety to your life?”

Well, I might, I thought. I could do with a bit of variety. I read on: “We are involved in matters which affect all our lives and play a part in national issues on a strictly non-political basis.” My attention was well and truly grabbed. “So we would love to welcome you – just come along and find out more. We don’t expect you to join without giving us a try.” Of course not – I nearly said out loud.

“D’you want anything today, Phil?” John the butcher said.

I didn’t realize he was waiting.

“They won’t let you in, y’know,” he said, looking at the letter.

Obviously, he was right. It was from the Moor End and Mellor Women’s Institute. Having read it, I could tell they were an active, intelligent, open-minded bunch, probably way too polite to actually turn me away. But still, it clearly wasn’t for me.

Great copy though. Someone should make a fuss.

Keep on writing!


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