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Society of Children’s Writers and Illustrators

March 22nd, 2013

As the author of Hobbledown, an adventure zoological park in Surrey, I have spent the past year deep in the world of Hobblers, creating magical Potonesia, comprising a battle with Skibblers and learning all about animals! I also have two picture books out later this year and I am currently working on my first teen fantasy novel. Writing is my absolute passion and although book writing is top on my list, I am also a freelance copywriter.

As every author knows, gaining feedback and guidance for a new project can be nerve racking and quite daunting. It is very easy for us to fall in love with our own work yet this can also leave us blind to glaring inconsistencies. Handing it over for someone else to read is vital before submitting to publishers and agents as after all, we want it to be the very best it can be.mail guest blog

Joining a writing group is an excellent way to share our work with other aspiring writers within a friendly and non-judgemental environment. Writing groups allow us to nurture our thoughts and ideas within the comfort of a supportive group — almost like a brainstorming session!

As a member of the Oxford SCBWI ~ Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators ~ I have found the monthly meet-ups a perfect way to share  my work and to receive valuable feedback. Each month we submit a short excerpt for members to read through and review. Meeting at an ice-cream parlour is an added bonus for the Oxford Group, and once we are together, we share our thoughts and do our best to encourage and support one another. This is also an ideal opportunity to discuss age groups suitable for a project, to maybe discuss what isn’t working for a reader and to generally help the writer progress. At the end of the day, we all share the same goal in our quest for publication, and the SCBWI is really the perfect environment in which to further a writing career or hobby.

Membership with the SCBWI offers a network for writers, illustrators, agents, publishers – all those that deal with the written word and is an excellent source of information.

To read about Angela’s work here is the link  www.ajkecojevic.com/ or you can find her on twitter at Angela Kecojevic.

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